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We are aware of the legislation currently in force that is related to the activities we develop, following them strictly to guarantee the security of our workers and clients.

· Machinery Security

Our machinery is registered in the Mining Industry Register. It ihas been certified with the C.E. and / or comply with the 1215/97 Decree. Each machine has its obligatory traffic insurance. Besides, the machinery is periodically revised and it counts with historials and preventivel analisys to guarantee a better control.

·Workplace security

Every workplace is equiped with the authorized installations (gas, waste, huts, industrial premises, etc.). We also focus on being properly equiped with fire extinguishors and that all of them have a maintenance contract. Every work has its own risks evaluation, noises and dust measures, security inspections, etc.

· Staff security

All our staff comply the Internal Security Regulations. There is a risks evaluation for each job and medical checks periodically. The workers are equiped with the necessary security uniform that their jobs require and in our mining exploitations, the staff have the mining license.

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