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We put a special emphasis on environment. Every work is provided with special systems like warehouses, petrol tanks, oil tanks, etc. to protect the environment and to avoid any pollutant matter. All of them are endorsed with their appropiate permissions.

Regarding the prevention and extinguishing of fires, we make a strong effort providing our warehouses and machinery with fire extinguishers which are periodically checked to avoid any accident. Besides, our staff attend to courses to make an appropiate use of these fire extinguishers in case it was necessary.

Every work is registered in the Register of Producers of Toxic Waste, Mining..., and we contract an authorized company to collect this waste. This way we guarantee a high protection of the environment. Excavaciones y transportes Cerezo takes care of the nature because we belive in the importance of recycling. As we make good use of the natural resources, we keep growing since 23 years ago.

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